Tuesday 20 July 2004

going to the dogs

The nice lady who we got Jasper from has moved to a farm much closer to us. We're going to see her on Saturday and as an added bonus, Jasper's Mum and half brothers/sisters will be there too. It's a canine family reunion! Jasper's Dad and the nice lady's dog called Fern just had a litter of pups 6 weeks ago, which means it's going to be a puppy-filled afternoon. You can imagine my glee (If you're a cat person, imagine being surrounded by little fluffy kittens. If you're neither a cat nor dog person, imagine being surrounded by scantily clad men/women holding your favourite beverage); I'm very much looking forward to it.

I've told Jasper that he's going to be seeing his mother, but he seems a bit confused by it all. Mostly because his reaction to the situation appears to be "I know you just said my name and you're using an excited tone of voice, but I have no idea what the hell you're on about", while staring at me intently and wagging his tail. Or should we have been more sensitive when revealing the news that he's actually adopted?

Now the trick is not to leave the farm with a puppy (although at 7 weeks old, we wouldn't get to leave with a puppy anyway, but you know what I mean). We do not need another dog. We do not need another dog. We do not need another dog.

Argh! Look what we're up against!

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