Monday 5 July 2004

anniversaries, weddings, and honeymoons

So it's our second anniversary today, which will have to change to our "first date anniversary" soon. We're dining at the very hotel where we will be getting married, which leads me to my next point. At lunchtime, we're heading back over to the Registry Office to go over wedding ceremony details with the nice lady who'll be conducting it for us. This is to ensure that the string quartet won't suddenly burst into religious song or the father of the bride isn't going to recite the entire New Testament as I march in. I never knew that you can't get married outdoors here (the room or building must have a special license, which you can't get for outdoor spaces), which is a shame. Then again, do you really want to rely on English weather if you're getting hitched on the edge of the white cliffs of Dover?

And finally, we have booked our honeymoon today as BA were kind enough to have a seat sale. Aren't they nice? I really cannot wait - I am in dire need of a holiday and we need to restock our pantry with our Napa Valley favourites. We're flying into San Francisco and will spend most of our time around wine country before heading down to La Jolla to see Paul's relatives. Since we've only ever been to Napa Valley, any suggestions for other regions to visit/places to stay/things to see in that area would be greatly appreciated (many thanks to Martine for the info she sent us already!).

So that's 82 days until our wedding, and 85 days until we go on honeymoon. If someone could knock me unconscious until then, that would be grand. Thank you.

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