Thursday 13 January 2005

your questions, answered (part 4)

It's time again to answer the queries of the general public, who took the time to type their questions into a search engine. I like to help when I can; I'm generous like that.

For the month of January, here is a selection of the queries and search strings that have led to this site:

what is wrong with joaquin phoenix's shoulders? I was curious about this one too, so I Googled for it. Unfortunately, the only information I could find was that Joaquin Phoenix has a cleft lip scar. Which has nothing to do with his shoulder. Sorry.

did you know you went over your macaroni minutes yesterday? Oh my god, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

pringles made me ill My advice: don't eat them. No, thank you.

what happens don't take your decorations down by twelfth night? Horrible, awful things will happen. Things beyond your worst nightmares. Things involving elves and reindeer antlers. I've said too much already.

what does it mean if my boyfriend doesn't buy me a christmas present? Perhaps he is taking a stand against the commercialism of Christmas by refusing to purchase anything. Or maybe he's just a bit of a cheap wanker.

when to use a snowblower Um. When it snows? *shrug*

why is lisa in such a bad mood? I am not in a bad mood. Now feck off and bring me chocolate.

how heavy is the cn tower? VERY heavy. I strongly advise that you do not attempt to pick it up. If you do, please ensure that you lift with your legs and not your back.

i'm marge simpson and now i'm going to go snort some coke That's great, Marge. Thanks for letting us know.

da na na nut nut nut nut nut Okay Marge, that's enough now.

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