Monday 3 January 2005

who you callin' auld?

A very happy new year to you all, my 2005 friends. I would do one of those "year in review" things, but I can't be arsed to look up the events of 2004 and comment on them. All I know is it was an exciting and eventful year for us, which ended on a rather quiet note. My last great achievement of 2004 was managing to stay awake until 1.00 in the morning. Rock da howse!

I don't do resolutions, especially when I've got no bad habits I can give up. I quit smoking in 2000, I can't really drink (I don't see the point of consuming my permitted 1 unit of alcohol per week - it's about as enjoyable as watching the first 5 minutes of a really great film then having to switch over to "Question Time"), and I don't think I'll join a gym quite yet. This year, I plan on giving birth at some point in the next two months, getting as much sleep as humanly possible, and promise to maintain the ability to converse about subjects other than babies. There, those are my resolutions.

Whatever your resolutions, plans, or hopes for the upcoming year, have a fabulous 2005. It's the year of the rooster - go out there and be cocky! Har har.

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