Thursday 20 January 2005

pity party, table of one

I have another cold. This is the fourth cold I've had since September and I am so not amused. I've got so much work to do that I can't really take a day off to feel sorry for myself, and apparently there is not one single cold medication in this country that's safe during pregnancy. What, do they put crack in the decongestants here? Bah. Feh. Pleh.

Yoga class last night was really enjoyable, regardless of my stuffy head and sniffles. We stretched, relaxed, opened up our pelvises, did our pelvic floor exercises, did quick back rubs on each other, and had a fun time catching up with the girls from our antenatal class. One of the women is carrying twins and at 28ish weeks, was told by her doctor that she is at the equivalent to someone who is carrying a singleton at 35 weeks.

And here I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself, yeesh.

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