Thursday 6 January 2005

it is 'cos i'm cool?

Via Steve, it's my first meme for 2005. Gosh!

Comment on this post and I'll post one reason here why I think you're cool. If, like me, you haven't been cool since the mid 80s, this is a great opportunity to feel less like a 30-something dork and more like that uberdeep artiste you were in high school. Or thought you were, anyway.

  • Adrian is cool because he's not afraid to jog in public wearing a Santa hat. Only someone secure in their own coolness would trot around Hyde Park like that.

  • Stroppycow H is cool because I think she's my long lost twin. My fantasy football/soccer team was always called "Stroppy Cows United", her curried chickpea recipe is almost identical to the one I know and love, and we can both say rude things in French.

  • Bimbler Abi is cool because she owns a Banana Guard. It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to pull one of these things out of your handbag without giggling, so well done Abi!

  • Lambic Mark is cool because he knows how to cook, does a lot of the cooking at home, and actually enjoys it. Any man who can cook and likes it is extra soopa doopa cool to me. But, has he ever cooked for me? Nooooo. Bah, I might have to remove Mark from this list.

  • Dina is cool because she and her husband Steve made the most gorgeous little boy in the world. Next to our son, of course.

  • Laputain is cool because she said on her blog that I looked gorgeous with my bump. Comments that make me feel less like a whale and more like a lovely lady is a Very Good Thing. Plus, she's Scottish and as we know, all Scottish people are cool.

  • Martine is cool because she's been on TV! And not on one of those Crimewatch type programmes, either.

  • Gordon is cool because he invented Hector the Latin Love Spider. Gordon, if you still have the pic, please send it to me - I can't find mine. :(

  • Heather is cool because even though she did her PhD at Cambridge, she can still find great joy in waving rubber ducks around at Lemon Jelly concerts. No pretentiousness here, folks.

  • Tilly is cool because she's got a dog called Jasper!

  • Jim is cool because he wrangled a night (and following morning) of heavy drinking completely paid for by some guy's travel expense account. Now that, my friends, is sticking it to the man.

  • PaulG is cool because he is the person who discovered the hilarity of pictures of people playing tennis. And it's been nonstop giggling about a billion other things since.

  • Melanie is cool because she drove all the way to our house to drop off a sample of her mother's amazing CHEESECAKE!! Dammit, I'm hungry now.

  • TonyF is cool because he's known me for 20 years (really!) and could undoubtedly reveal all sorts of embarrassing facts about me. So he's a cool and lovely person who would never do that sort of thing. *cough*

  • Ed is cool because he gave me my very first permanent tech writing job back in 1997. After several extremely disappointing and frustrating interviews with some truly crap companies, my heart soared when I learned I got the job with Ed...and it turned out to be a pretty cool place to work, to boot.

  • Jack is cool because he can write manuals whilst chair dancing, swearing, and snapping his fingers really loudly at the same time. He gets extra points for not having been maimed or slapped by any workmates.

  • Andre is cool because I have great admiration for anyone who can take a fantastic photograph. Although he got a bit confused about me sucking up to Ed, who hasn't been my boss since 1999 (but I do enjoy my window seat at my present job). ;)

  • Michel is cool because he has the tightest buttocks in Montreal.

  • Fi is cool because she was brave enough to return to uni at the age of *muffle mumble*. Plus, Commonwealthers who marry Brits are always cool in my book.

  • Wallace is cool because he suffered through the holidays stuck in the hospital and has been recovering from major heart surgery - which also coincided with his first anniversary with his lovely wife - and is, thankfully, on the mend.

  • Jen is cool because she was making blue food long before Bridget Jones. No, we still don't know how she managed to do it; at least Bridget's blue string was the explanation for hers.

  • Zed is cool because she has the rudest domain name for a non-porn site - and doesn't get banned by our smut filter at work.

  • Nina is so cool that she doesn't even have a blog. Considering that any idiot with an Internet connection has one these days, that makes her a true cyber rebel.

  • Trudge is cool because he probably doesn't have an annoying mobile ring tone that plays a tinny version of "Oops, I did it again" or something equally horrifying.
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