Friday 21 January 2005

i want one too!

Tosha came by with little Indigo today, and what a cutie pie he is. It's been a little while since I've held a newborn (I think Rebecca was the last baby born in our circle of friends, and I had a visit just before Christmas with my workmate Mandy's son who was almost four months old at the time), and it was really lovely to cuddle him and listen to his little gurgly noises.

I had a dream last night that Pip had been born (I never seem to dream about the actual birth - strange, that) and I had him propped up in front of me. I was cuddling him and singing to him, while he giggled and waved his arms about. This is a vast improvement from my usual Pip dreams (so far, every dream I've had about him involved me losing him or forgetting him in the car etc.) and I'm sure it's an indication of how impatient I'm getting. I want to see my little boy. Now, please. Well, maybe not right now - I'm at work - but soon.

Now I know what women mean when they say they get fed up with being pregnant at the end. I think it has to do with the lack of milestones in the last two months. Nothing much changes, nothing new develops (not including the whole labour/birth thing, of course), and it's mostly just a lot of waiting. I still love feeling Pip move around and I had a good giggle last night watching his hiccups make my belly twitch, but I am so eager to get Pip to the outside world for a good, long cuddle.

And speaking of hiccups, the little pulses in my belly tell me that someone's trying out his lungs again.

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