Friday 14 January 2005

...and then there was one

Conchita, you lucky, lucky girl! It's Conchita's last day at work today and I am incredibly jealous. "Take me with you!" I begged her. It's going to be sad and lonely being the only pregnant lady in the office. *sigh*

What did we do before eBay? I saw some "Stikarounds" for the nursery in the JoJo Maman Bebe catalogue that I liked for £14.99. Well wouldn't you know it, I found the same decorations on eBay for £7.99! Lookee here:

I know, I know. They aren't very avant-garde, but I thought they were sweet (although I probably won't use the little flower stickers). I like that you can put them anywhere, so they don't need to march around the room in an orderly border; I am going to put them around the cot and on one other wall. All we need now is a shelf for books and knickknacks, and we're all set.

Lord help me, I am starting to sound like a demented new mother, aren't I?

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