Wednesday 26 January 2005


I am tickled pink that Audrey Tautou has been selected to play Sophie in the film "The DaVinci Code". I fell in love with her when I saw "Amelie" and I'm pleased to see that she's been cast in this film, along with Jean Reno as Fache. I'm not too sure about Tom Hanks as Langdon, though. I imagined someone more "rough around the edges", but I don't know who I would have cast in this role instead. Suggestions?

I have very rarely enjoyed film versions of favourite books ("The Shining" is one of my exceptions), so I'm a bit concerned about how well "The DaVinci Code" will translate to the screen. I think it'll still retain the excitement from the plot twists and puzzle-solving, but will lack most of the background information such as the history of Opus Dei and the interpretations of DaVinci's works.

Who will play Silas? Or Teabing? Or Remy? Oooh the anticipation! Yes, I have no life.

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