Monday 3 January 2005

he must not be done baking yet

I'm amazed that I'm still an innie. Seriously, I expected my belly button to pop out like a Butterball turkey timer weeks ago. While my belly button is undoubtedly smaller/flatter than before, I've still got an innie. Furthermore, it delights me to no end that I've not got any stretch marks. Okay, I've got some but they are white and hardly noticeable. In fact, I'm certain they are remnants from the bazillion times I've lost and gained weight over the years. Of course, I've still got at least 7 weeks to go so there's still time for belly button popping and angry red lines to appear. Here's hoping.

Congratulations to Tosha and Nik on the birth of their little boy Indigo J. He was born on New Year's Day, which should guarantee that no one will forget his birthday in the future. Congratulations also go to Lucie and David on the birth of Gracie on Dec. 30. That means 50% of our Pregnant Ladies Lunch Club are now no longer pregnant...which means more food for Conchita and me, woohoo! Pffft, like I can fit any extra food in there. Anyway, very exciting news all round for the festive season and I am looking forward to meeting the wee ones.

In other exciting news, I have discovered that I can sneeze comfortably if I lean to the right and bend my right leg up slightly. Additionally, if I take one Zantac in the morning and another before bed, I can go through the day heartburn-free. Really, it doesn't take much to make me happy these days. Speaking of things that make me happy and smiley, I have been loving the pictures of Rebecca on Heather's site lately. The falling asleep after lunch piccie from Jan. 2 is too cute for words. Go see.

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