Thursday 13 January 2005

putting big red x's in my calendar

11 1/2 more working days to go...11 1/2 more working days to go...11 1/2 more working days to go...11 1/2 more working days to go...

As I sit here at my desk with my eyes half closed and feeling like I need another 8 hours of sleep, 11 1/2 more working days seems like an eternity. It's not just the fatigue, it's the inability to concentrate and the discomfort of sitting in front of a computer. Most women in my antenatal class have already stopped working, and all of them (but one) are a week or more behind me. Why did I decide to work until 36 1/2 weeks? Oh yes, I remember - I thought it wasn't going to be that bad and I didn't want to leave any work unfinished. I'm an eejit. There isn't really anything or anyone stopping me from leaving early, so I've no one to blame but myself. I'm not incapable of working, I'd just rather not right now, thanks. My last week at work should be relatively easy, which will help a bit, and I've opted to work from home the next two Mondays so I can work at my own pace...and take a nap at 3pm. Mmmm.

On an unrelated topic, I am having a really hard time finding nursery decorations (like borders or "stikarounds", curtain tiebacks, pictures, etc.) that don't make me cringe. I don't want Winnie the Pooh, Micky Mouse, Peter Rabbit, or any other television or book character trotting across the walls. I'm not big on "cartoony" decorations either, which seems to be the only other alternative. The problem is, we've gone for a fairly neutral colour for the bedding (click here to see the design we got) and the walls are a light blue/purple colour, so I don't think big bright decorations will go. The best designs I could find were from Mamas and Papas, but unfortunately we don't have a retail outlet in our county. Why not go with the matching border paper for your bedding range, you ask? Because I don't want a "theme" room (i.e. use one design for everything) either. I'm a picky cow, I know. Maybe I'll give eBay a go.

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