Wednesday 12 January 2005

delivery in 4-8 weeks

Criminy, I've hit the 34 week mark today. I fluctuate between feeling like I want to give birth NOW please, to I'd rather not think about it because it's making my tummy hurt. What's certain is that I am getting very impatient. Impatient with pregnancy discomforts, but mostly impatient about wanting to get Pip to the outside world and give him a good, long cuddle. Now if they could invent a way to do the latter without involving any pain on my part, that would be grand.

It does feel good to go into the nursery every day and see that it looks like a real baby's room now that we have added a few more decorative items. I love picking up and holding baby clothes knowing they will contain our little boy soon. It's still a bit surreal to make the mental leap from wriggling Pip inside me to our son ___ (what, you thought I'd reveal his name before the birth?) we can see, touch, and hear. It's odd to think that I'm going to be a mother - I am a mother already, really. I will be a mother on Mother's Day this year (Paul and I knew I was pregnant just before Father's Day last year, which was a nice touch), and I don't mind one bit that I will be sleep deprived and doing something low key for my birthday this year.

I will admit one thing, though. As soon as Pip is born, I'm gonna have an entire wheel of deep fried brie and I'm gonna sleep on my stomach.

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