Saturday 1 January 2005

it's a bit like alien, but lower

I think Pip is trying to push his way out through my belly button today. Over the past couple of days, the kicks and thumps (and occasional squirms) I've been feeling have turned into strange undulations and some sort of foetal Cirque du Soliel. My belly moves in great waves and I feel little limbs stretching all over the place, looking for new spaces to stretch and poke. Yesterday I felt something wriggle below my right hip bone. I didn't even know the baby could reach down that far; I'm starting to think he's got a broom handle in there. He tosses and turns, stretches and shakes, and gets the hiccups at least twice a day. It doesn't hurt, but it's a downright weird sensation.

I pulled a muscle or did something painful to a delicate tendon the other day after a good sneeze. Now I cannot sneeze without wincing in pain, but what's worse is that when Pip lies on my right side, every movement he makes sends sharp pains down my side. I've started lying on my left side while watching TV and was even leaning towards the left while walking around Tesco today. I am the Leaning Tower of Lisa, thank you very much. Must get the osteopath to work on that muscle for me on Tuesday.

I am eager to give birth now. Partially to get it over with (I'm not scared per se, I'm just not really enjoying this waiting around for labour to start malarky) but mostly because I am so keen to see our little boy. Roll on February.

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