Monday 31 January 2005

lord of the dance

If you ever feel the need to do the inane kick count exercise (some books/midwives/doctors claim that after week 30 you should sit for 2 hours and count the number of movements you feel - ten movements is good, anything less is a reason to dial 999 and send yourself into a panic attack, even though there are several good reasons why you often don't feel movements for long periods of time - but I digress), put on the film "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King". Pip kicked, squirmed, and wriggled nonstop. Literally, he didn't stop moving for more than three and a half hours, which is pretty impressive. Maybe it was the exciting music, battle sounds, or the big bowl of ice cream I consumed before the film started, but he was having a rip roarin' time in there.

This is my first day of maternity leave, and it's a bit strange. I feel like I'm taking a sick day, but I feel fine and I don't need to dial into work to check my email. I think it's difficult to suddenly switch gears from chaotic deadline mode to preparing for birth and trying to take it easy mode. Part of my brain still thinks it has a deadline to meet, another part thinks I should really be doing something much more productive than sit in my jammies and drink tea, and the remaining three brain cells are quite happy to sit on the sofa and catch up on all the DVDs I've been meaning to watch.

Decision made. Today, I shall be mostly sitting in comfy stretchy clothes and putting my feet up. Mmmmm.

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