Tuesday 4 January 2005

honk if you're hormonal

I saw an interesting sign on a car the other day. Instead of the usual "baby on board" signs seen on every third car, I spotted a "mum to be on board" sign. It's brilliant because other drivers should be warned if they are driving close to a pregnant woman. The fine print below the "mum to be on board" bit should read "If you decide to do something stupid like cut off the driver of this car or drive too closely, she will drive up next to you, smash through your window, and beat the crap out of you with her handbag. And no court will convict her."

We need more signs like this. It would be useful to know if the driver and/or passengers have PMS, anger management issues, or chronic fatigue syndrome. How useful would it be to be warned that there's a "student who's been awake for 72 hours cramming for exams on board"? Very.

Mark my words, you will see more of this sort of thing in 2005.

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