Monday 13 September 2004

why having less than 4 brain cells can be amusing

I got my very fist snarky comment! Ever! I'm all agog. Since this person took the time to leave this landmark comment, I thought I'd take the time to respond to their queries.

are you only interested in a passport? Well, no. I am interested in lots of things; passports are only one of them. Maybe it's the shiny page with my picture on it. Maybe it's all the pretty stamps I get when I visit other countries. Maybe it's the bilingual text. Who knows? Who cares? God, I love passports!!

do you actually love this durbin bloke? Let's see...I bought a house with him, we bought a dog together, we're getting married in less than two weeks and oh yeah, I'm carrying his baby. No, I'm just after him for the extra year wait for the passport. Duh.

this website is sad!!!!! Life can sometimes be sad, it's true. Let's face it, if the world was a happy place, Morrissey would have nothing to write about and angst-stricken pre-teens like you would learn how to use capital letters.

real love rules

The rules to real love are as follows*:

1) You do not talk about real love

2) You do NOT talk about real love

3) If someone says "stop" or goes limp or taps out, the love is over

4) Only two guys (or less) at a time

5) One real love at a time

6) No shirts, no shoes. No animal print g-strings.

7) Real love will go on as long as it has to

8) If this is your first night at real love, you HAVE to make breakfast in the morning.

*(with many thanks to "Fight Club" for the inspiration)

I hope this helps! Thanks for writing.

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