Friday 10 September 2004

i'm glad my bump looks big in this

I love maternity clothes. I never thought I'd say that, but it's true. Instead of looking like Mrs. Claus, I actually look pregnant in maternity jeans. I like that - it makes my belly look like a nice rounded dome rather than this:



which is what I look like in regular clothes. My "middle belly" hasn't popped yet, so I appear to have two big roly poly bellies. I think I figured it out this morning. Paul noticed that my belly has gotten very round just underneath my breasts, but my uterus should still just be a couple of centimeters below my belly button. So, the belly below the button is baby belly, and the belly above the button is fat that's now been smushed up there due to my expanding uterus. Or at least that's my theory about how my pregnant belly is working.

The heartburn returned yesterday, so I've been feasting on Tums. Except the purple ones. They're gross. I can't get to sleep; my brain goes full tilt until the wee hours while my exhausted body tells it to shut the hell up and go to sleep. My back really hurts, my bum gets numb when I sit in one position for too long, and for some reason, my contact lenses don't seem to work sometimes.

But all of this doesn't matter because I can feel Pip fluttering around in my lower belly and sometimes I feel a bit of pressure in one very localised spot like Pip's stretching an arm or a leg. That makes up for the aches and pains any day.

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