Thursday 2 September 2004

picky, picky

The writer in me can't get over the fact that my pregnancy ticker on the top of this page says that I am "15 weeks and 1 days" pregnant. Tsk, honestly.

In other news, the fatigue and nausea seems to have resurfaced for some reason. Yay. I think the nausea is due to a decreasing lack of room; I've been feeling less like I've eaten too many cakes and more like I've got a bag of wet flour inside me, so baby/uterus must be getting much bigger. I can't bend over quite as easily any more because it feels like there's something in the way now - which there is, obviously, but you see what I mean. Fat is squishy and moves out of the way when you bend. Baby is not squishy and makes you feel like you need to hurl when you bend.

May I also just mention again that the receptionists at my surgery are complete cows? I just rang to make my first antenatal appointment with the GP and one of the permanently surly receptionists said, "I'vegotThursdayat2nameplease." "Um hold on," I said. "Thursdays aren't good for us - is that the earliest you've got?" She said yes, and as I started to explain that I needed another day, she interrupted with "nameplease" in the same hurried I-really-can't-be-arsed-to-be-polite-to-you tone of voice. "Wait wait wait! I need an appointment on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday," I said to the receptioncow. "Tuesday at 2. Nameplease." So you did have something earlier, you miserable wotsit. To be fair, there is one - and I mean one - very nice receptionist who answered the phone when I rang once. His name is Michael and he sounds American (which might explain why he's actually polite in a customer service matters kind of way), and he knew what I was talking about right away. Must remember to ring back and ask for him specifically next time. Cow avoidance tactics.

Did I also mention that the moody/sensitive/weepy hormones have resurfaced again too?

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