Friday 3 September 2004

clock watching

So it's almost the weekend (unless you're in another time zone, in which case, it's already the weekend or you've got several more hours to go) and this is the last free weekend we've got before the wedding. When I say "free weekend", I mean it's the last weekend in which we've got nothing planned - not "free weekend" as in I'm going to spend it romping with naked firemen while I still can. Now I've lost my train of thought. Right, free weekend.

It seems silly that we only really get two days a week to get most things done, and one of those days is only moderately useful as everything shuts at 4pm. We should get Fridays and Mondays off as well, because those are the two most unproductive work days of the week anyway. Nothing gets done on Fridays because everyone's too busy concentrating on the weekend and are distracted by their feelings of glee that the work week is almost done. Mondays are useless because we're too tired from overindulging over the weekend and we're too hacked off because it's a Monday to really care about our work. I think this makes sense and everyone should write to their MP/congressperson and demand a three day work week.

On that note, have a good weekend, and remember - your key to a shorter work week is only one angry 30 page manifesto away.

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