Wednesday 22 September 2004

pet rescue

As we drove to work today, we noticed a lovely German Shepherd trotting up a very busy street, unattended. We both knew instantly that she must have strayed away from home, so Paul turned the car around so he could check her tags. She was actually heading in the direction of home; she lived up the road and her tag said she was called "Zena". Paul took Zena by the collar and walked her home, and put her in the back garden when he got no answer at the door. He drove around trying to spot someone who looked like they had lost their dog, but to no avail. We went back to the house, just around the same time that Zena's owner returned after searching the fields for her. Zena is a pup, less than a year old, and although she listens to the husband she is not so obedient with the wife. She was taking Zena for a walk and the dog ran off, but luckily she did seem clever enough to know where home was after her little adventure. Zena's owner was very thankful and Zena herself gave us several wags and enthusiastic licks.

Dog karma. Paul figures that if he takes the time to return wandering dogs to their owners, someone might return the favour for us one day, should we ever need it. This is the second dog he's returned home safely, so I think our dog karma should be in top shape.

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