Friday 3 September 2004

am i glowing yet?

I am so tired of reading messages from women (on various pregnancy web boards) moaning about gaining weight. You're pregnant, for goodness sake! Of course you're gaining weight! I think what really gets my goat (if I had a goat to get) are women who complain because they've put on a whole 3-5 lbs. in the first trimester. Honey, I can gain that in an afternoon in front of the TV. Amateurs. In a similar vein, I want to scream when I see a woman brag about not having gained weight or only having gained x amount of pounds. While I can understand being pleased about not putting on the equivalent to a sack of potatoes every week during pregnancy (truthfully, I'm amazed that I've not put on as much as I thought I would so far), but I draw the line when women get smug about it. Whatever you do or don't gain, most of it is out of your control and is this really the time to worry about your figure? Heck no.

Oh I am so glad it's the weekend and what's even better, we have nothing planned (just a bit of shopping tomorrow). In the weeks leading up to the wedding, we've got so much to do. I seriously do not recommend the pregnancy/wedding/work deadlines combination - it's a tad stressful. I am so grateful to be with Paul; he's made it his mission to ensure that my stress levels stay at a minimum. Three more weeks to go...

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