Monday 6 September 2004


On Friday, we tried out an Indian restaurant called Cinnamon in Grafham. Based on a menu shoved through our letterbox a few months ago, I wanted to give it a try. Gary mentioned curry on Friday at work and I decided that I must have curry that night (lucky for me that Paul is very easy going when it comes to dinner choices), so off we went to Cinnamon. The food was absolutely fantastic and the service was excellent. I would have gone back the following night if I could. On Saturday after an afternoon shopping at Milton Keynes, I decided that I must have fish and chips (can't blame Gary for that one). We haven't been too thrilled with our local chippy in the past, so we decided to try out the chippy in our neighbouring town, Huntingdon. YUM. Crispy batter, moist flakey cod, and lovely golden chips, although the portion was a bit meager for my current appetite level. Must remember to go there when Mom and Dad arrive in two weeks. My other culinary weekend discovery are Revels: chocolate-covered things with a variety of flavours like caramel, Maltezers, orange, and milk chocolate. You never know what you're getting with each handful - it's like the chocolate equivalent of Bits and Bites. Mmmmm Bits and Bites. I miss those.

We did do other things over the weekend that didn't involve food, really. We picked up some final wedding bits and bobs (mmmm that sounds like Bits and Bites mmmmm) in Milton Keynes and I finished painting what will be the nursery. I put one coat on the skirting board and radiator about 6 months ago, but must have got bored and never got around to the second. We bought blinds for the guestroom/nursery and office, so that houseguests in the second spare room will no longer get rudely woken up in the early hours by sunshine streaming in through the voiles. After our housewarming party last year, one of our guests found the early morning light so painful that he crawled into an air mattress on the floor of our office, buried himself under a duvet, and drew the curtains.

So, one more week until Paul's stag do, two more weeks until my hen night, and three more weeks until we tie the knot - and I haven't eaten all the favour bag chocolate.


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