Friday 24 September 2004

the sun'll (better) come out, tomorrow

This is it. My last day as a MacDonald. My last day as a swinging bachelorette. My last day worrying if my ring and gown will fit. My last day to get my nails done. Bugga.

Blue skies today, and it's not been too cold lately. Lots of family and our best man (and his lovely missus) arrive today, so it's dinner for 16 tonight at the White Hart pub. A few last minute details to sort out, and then all I've got to worry about is walking a few feet without tripping over and crushing a flowergirl or two, and managing not to drop Paul's wedding band during the ceremony. And giggling. Must not giggle.

I'm sure we'll manage to post a picture or two Sunday or Monday before we go. Until then, have a smashing weekend and throw a rice grain or two in our direction tomorrow.

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