Wednesday 8 September 2004


Going through my first pregnancy posts, I realised that I never really wrote about the very beginning: three days of pregnancy tests. It'll be fun, honest.

On Saturday, June 12, we were asked to babysit Jack and Heather's little girl, Rebecca. It was hot, I was in the dreaded "two week wait" (the time between ovulation and getting your period), and babysitting was a welcome distraction. I had been reading through pregnancy web sites earlier that week and came across a lengthy thread about when women got positive test results. I was waiting to test until the following Tuesday at the earliest, since the instructions on the ClearBlue digital test said I could test on the day my period was normally due. After reading several posts from women getting results much earlier with other tests, I went out and picked up some First Response Early tests. This test claimed you could use it up to four days before your period was due. Four days! Now that's what an impatient woman like me likes to hear.

So back to Saturday. That afternoon, I used the first test. I got a faint line; so faint, I was sure it was a figment of my imagination. I took it downstairs to Paul and he thought he could see a line too. Although this was all very exciting, I wasn't at all sure if this meant that I was pregnant. The next day, I took the second test and got another faint line. This time, it wasn't as difficult to see but I still rushed downstairs to show Paul to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. It was getting more exciting - the line was gradually getting darker! I cannot wait to pee on another test tomorrow! (No really, I did think that.) I popped over to Boots and picked up another box of tests and eagerly awaited the following morning. On Monday, sure enough, the line was a hint darker. Ooooooooooooooooh. Can I get excited now?

When we got back from work, I pulled out the big gun - the ClearBlue digital test. It has a screen that unmistakably displays a Pregnant or Not Pregnant message, no line interpretation needed. As I was trying not to pee all over myself and actually try to hit the 2mm stick (do they not realise that women simply cannot aim?!), Paul walked by the bathroom and asked what I was doing. I popped the cap on the test, sat it on the counter, and we waited. In less than a minute, the word Pregnant displayed merrily on the screen. Pregnant!! I squealed, jumped up and down, and said several "Ohmygawds" while Jasper wagged excitedly. Paul and I sat at the top of the stairs and beamed, then he hugged me tight. I am excited now.

I took a picture of the digital test (the display disappears after an hour) and couldn't wait to post it on this site. Six days before Father's Day, Paul knew he was going to be a Dad. We wouldn't have to wait until the honeymoon to start trying again, after all. I am thrilled and amazed, and a little bit stunned.

16 weeks today - and I am still thoroughly excited.

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