Thursday 9 September 2004


In 16 days, I will no longer be a MacDonald and will become a Durbin. In 21 days, I can apply to be a permanent UK resident. In 167 days (give or take), I will be a mother. In just over a year, I will be applying for British Citizenship. It's all very exciting of course, but it's also rather strange. In the span of a year, I will go from Lisa MacDonald, that lovable wine-swigging Canadian to Lisa Durbin, that sleep deprived mother with a British passport. It's like becoming an entirely different person. Perhaps I'll develop special powers too, like x-ray vision.

Which reminds me, when I was a kid, my doctor said that I needed to go on antibiotics. I thought she said "antibionics" and my heart leapt at the thought of being able to crush tuna tins in my bare hands and run 30mph. Of course if I had a better grasp of the English language at that point, I would have realised that "antibionics" would be the exact opposite of being bionic and the pills would actually give me the strength of a sick kitten. My 7 year old brain was excitedly planning all the fun activities I could do with my new powers, and I could not wait to get to the pharmacy. Obviously I must have eventually figured out that I wasn't going to become bionic, which must have been most disappointing. I'm sure this was the same year that I figured out that there was no Santa Claus (at first I thought it was really exciting that Santa used the same wrapping paper that we did but later realised his writing looked suspiciously like my mother's), so overall, it was a disillusioning period in my life.

So yes, changes. I promise that no matter what changes occur in my life, I will never forget my Canadian roots (or my Roots Canadian clothing). I live for the day I will hear our child say, "That's jolly good Mummy, eh?"

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