Monday 6 September 2004

a little patience

Tosha found out today that her little one is a boy! Conchita and I enviously admired her scan photos and both of us declared that our next scans were much too far into the future. For me, it's not just finding out the gender, but also getting the more detailed scan to make sure that Pip is okay. Unfortunately, that won't happen until we return from honeymoon on Oct. 14; I assume the people at Fetal Fotos won't be able to tell if there's anything wrong.

It's such a strange process. I breathed a huge sigh of relief after the first scan but am now feeling like it's been a million years since then. I'll probably feel better after my GP appointment tomorrow if he tries to listen to the heartbeat (even better if we get to hear it too), and I cannot wait to do the scan in San Diego, but I won't feel completely at ease until the detailed scan at 21 weeks...which feels like a million years away.

Patience was never one of my strong points. Can you imagine what I'll be like around my due date? Gads.

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