Tuesday 26 April 2005

sucks to be you

How to park really badly and generally be a complete asshole in 7 easy steps:
1. Drive to a private hospital in Cambridge to visit your friend/relative.
2. Notice that the parking lot is full.
3. Locate a row of cars that are parked properly.
4. Park your car (or minivan) like this:

5. Go into the hospital and don't bother to tell the receptionists that you've blocked two cars in.
6. Offer a halfassed apology to the woman and her two month old baby who are standing by the car you've blocked in, and who have been waiting for a half an hour while receptionists rang every area in the hospital looking for the idiot owner of a badly parked Vauxhall.
7. Shrug and look perplexed when said woman's husband uses colourful language to describe your lack of common sense.

A pox on you.

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