Monday 18 April 2005

heck's kitchen

Tonight we are being treated to a new series of "Hell's Kitchen", but it's a little bit different. Instead of z-list celebrities, two teams of regular schmoes like you and me are trained to be chefs. Oh, and this time, it's not foul-mouthed, bad-tempered, but somehow still lovable Gordon Ramsay as the fearless leader, it's Gary Rhodes and Jean Christophe Novelli. That's right, Mr. Gary "watch me peel this asparagus and place it preciously on the plate like I'm displaying fine jewellery on black velvet" Rhodes.

The best part about the first series was the temper tantrums (from pretty much everybody) and Ramsay's priceless one liners. He said that "Edwina Curry is like a granny that won't die", and when she refused to take part in one task, he told her "You're shagging us like you shagged the prime minister". Plus, he made Belinda Carlisle cry, and that's got to be worth a couple of television awards. What's Gary Rhodes going to do, throw perfectly carved radish rosettes at contestants in mild disgust?

Yeah, I'll still watch it anyway.

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