Monday 11 April 2005

livin' on the edge

Today, Jack and I ventured out on our own for the very first time. The destination of our big adventure? Tesco - that's right, a big supermarket. I'm all agog! Seriously, I haven't felt physically capable of going out with Jack without Paul (and I only got the go ahead to drive last Friday) so this is a big milestone for me. They should put a space for this in baby books. Something along the lines of, "Mummy was finally able to take me out without hyperventilating just thinking about it on this date." Jack snoozed through the whole thing, and I left with a new sense of confidence. I'm still a bit limited because I can't lift the pram in and out of the car yet, and I can't carry Jack in his carseat very far. But hey, at least I'm mobile again.

In other news, please think happy, c-section avoidance thoughts for my lovely friend Susan. She's gone in to be induced today, and I'm keeping everything crossed for her.

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