Tuesday 19 April 2005

shot through the heart

Jack had his first round of immunisations today, which were far more traumatic for me than for him, I think. My stomach hurt last night just thinking about it, and I wasn't looking forward to it. Friends told me to be prepared to hear your child make sounds you've never heard before, and to stock up on Calpol (liquid Tylenol for infants) for the big day. I held Jack and the nurse asked me to hold his leg steady as the first shot went in. He let out a piercing cry that broke my heart into a million pieces. He then had another shot in the other leg and let out another shrill scream, at which point I stopped listening to whatever the nurse was telling me and just wanted to take him home. Two minutes later, he was fine. I was in tears.

I changed him at the surgery while we waited the obligatory 10 minutes to make sure he didn't react badly to the shots, and he giggled the entire time. I picked him up and cradled him, teary-eyed with shaking hands, and he looked around with a grin on his face. I gave him some Calpol when we got home and now he's sitting next to me blowing bubbles and sticking out his tongue at me.

Who's the bigger baby?

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