Wednesday 6 April 2005


The ex-pregnant ladies lunch club met at our house yesterday afternoon with beautiful babies in tow. It was the first time I've met Lucie's little girl Grace, and Conchita's bambino Silvia. Tosha's son Indigo demonstrated his fist-swallowing trick and treated us to an especially fragrant nappy for the occasion. Unfortunately, Jack slept through every minute of it, including the Crying Baby Chorus that serenaded us for a few minutes. There was lots of laughing, commiserating, and vigorous nodding of heads. It's very nice to get together with women who know where all the breastfeeding zones are in town, and who truly understand the meaning of the words "painful feeds" (and who agree that the incorrect latching theory is a large pile of meconium).

Apologies for any dog hair that came home with you, and for the Jasper bath service - and for completely forgetting to put out the cinnamon rolls I had made specifically for our get together. Baby brain strikes again.

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