Thursday 14 April 2005

carry on

Another exciting (for me, anyway) discovery today - I put Jack in his baby carrier today and was able to lug him around without any pain or difficulty. Look at how thrilled he is about this fantastic new development:

He fell fast asleep as soon as I buckled him in, and stayed like that despite being jostled around while I did chores around the house. Although I probably can't carry him around for long periods of time, it does give us the chance to go more places. I can drive but still can't lift the pram in and out of the car, so I can only take Jack and his car seat very short distances to a destination where I can put Jack down (or put him in a trolley, like at Tesco). Now that I can use the carrier, I can pop him in it and go anywhere. I've been dying to check out our local farmer's market (remember when I said this at the beginning of my maternity leave? har har har), and now I can. Tomorrow, in fact. To the market we shall go.

I'm sure that in the near future I will think nothing of carting Jack around with me everywhere and being able to get out the door in five minutes, but at the moment, it's baby steps (no pun intended) like these that make up important milestones. I might even have a life again soon.

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