Wednesday 13 April 2005

from bumps to babes

I had a few women from our antenatal class over this afternoon for baby ogling and chitchat. It's funny to think that when we last met, we were waddling around and taking bets on who'd go into labour first. It was lovely to meet the wee ones (two girlfriends and one playmate for Jack) and to have a good natter with the girls. We all gave birth within a week of each other at the same hospital, thus we had a lot of shared experiences.

Interestingly, out of eight of us, only one had a "normal" labour and birth. In other words, only one woman went into labour on her own and delivered her baby vaginally, without any intervention. As for the rest of the group, three of us had c-sections, and the rest were induced. It almost seems rare for a woman to simply go into labour and push the baby out herself these days.

I learned today that Jack has cradle cap (which I keep calling "cradle crap" when I say it out loud, because I'm tired and can't speak properly). I noticed that he had some dry skin over one eyebrow and bits on his head, but didn't know it was cradle cap until one of the girls pointed it out on her baby today. I guess I must have some sort of inherent baby skincare instincts, because earlier this morning I rubbed some almond oil on it and gently brushed away the dry skin with a soft cloth. I just looked up cradle cap, and apparently that's exactly what you're supposed to do. Spooky, eh?

Jack has just started the "Hey Wait a Minute, You've Put Me Down and I Don't Like That One Bit" phase. Who knew that such a tiny little person could make such big, loud screechy noises?

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