Monday 18 April 2005

more firsts

So we went on our first weekend jaunt away from home to Paul's parent's house in sunny Kent. I impressed myself by packing only what we actually needed and not forgetting anything. Off to Kent we went, with a car packed up to the roof (which has led to the confirmation that we are getting a new car) and Jack slept. On Saturday morning, Jack took his first trip to Costco and a couple of other places around Lakeside, and Jack slept. On Saturday afternoon, Jack met some of his first and second cousins, and was so excited, he slept. Then Auntie Gabi and Uncle Andrew came over for supper, and Auntie Gabi gave Jack tons of cuddles. And Jack slept. Paul's mum made a delicious Sunday roast lunch, and while we gobbled it down, Jack slept.

I swear, I am not drugging my child, nor am I drinking a bottle of gin before I breastfeed. I try to tell people that he fusses whenever I put him down at home, but then Jack sleeps and sleeps and sleeps whenever we're around other people or out of the house, and I'm starting to sound delusional.

Oh, and Jack had his very first pub lunch last Friday. He slept.

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