Sunday 24 April 2005

everyone's doing it

I admit, I have written a lot of blogs in my time. Most of them were created for personal reference, although it's certainly a bonus if someone else finds them useful or interesting. For example, the wedding blog was directed at friends and family, and maybe anyone getting married in the area who wanted to know about local suppliers. If someone else happened to enjoy it, grand. Was it meant to be riveting reading for the general public? Not really. Same goes for the dog blog, and it is this particular blog that has been pointed at and laughed at on occasion. You cyberbullies.

Taken out of context (i.e. without seeing my main blog and realising that it's one of a few "minor blogs" linked from it), it does seem slightly pathetic. From my referrer logs, I've seen people describe it as another "look at this saddo who'll blog about anything" site. While this may be true (about all my blogs, really), I don't think it's fair to dismiss it entirely. I put it there for those who know us and wanted to see pictures of Jasper, and for those who have dogs themselves and may have encountered some of the issues that we have - and just to keep a personal record of some of Jasper's more entertaining habits, because I have a mind like a sieve and will forget these over time.

This site says:
"Blogs have been around for nearly a decade, but in 2004, they seemed to explode. Everyone, and her dog, has a blog. Please see Jasper, a black Labrador's blog if you don't believe me. And that's just one of thousands of hits Google shows. There are cat, parrot, rabbit, etc. blogs. If you can think of a subject, there's probably a blog for it."

Although this quote doesn't necessarily infer that my dog blog is pathetic, I think it misses the point. Yes, it's a blog about my dog, but I don't write entries like: "Hello, I'm Jasper. Today I ate some grass, hoarked it back up again, and then licked myself for several minutes. Come back tomorrow and see what else I've been up to!" That would be sad...and slightly terrifying. So is it another useless blog in a sea of other useless blogs? Probably. But please don't laugh it off as something it's not. Laugh at it because my HTML and CSS skills are a bit rubbish, and because I haven't updated it in ages.

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