Tuesday 11 February 2003

you've got search engines, and you're not afraid to use them

I simply love reading the list of search strings that have led to this site. No really, it's horribly entertaining. This month's prime selection (and it's not even the middle of the month yet):

  • sheep shagging pictures - if you found any on this site, you win a prize.

  • coughing up small bubble - I hate it when that happens. My advice: stop drinking liquid hand soap, no matter how nice it smells.

  • gay guys in the bath with blink 182 naked pics - there's so much happening in this request, I just don't know where to begin.

  • i hate the chef boy ardee song - me too! Let's bond.

  • interesting error404 pages - because there is such a huge variety of fascinating error 404 pages. If you're drunk and make up your own.

  • lisa eats poo - but it cooks so nicely in the Foreman grill.

  • lisa's greasy hair - you people keep telling me it's "shiny"!

  • nigella lawson nipples - at least we're off Nathalie Portman now.

  • picture of natalie portman getting tickled - ah, spoke too soon.

  • porn cheese cauliflower - which is almost, but not quite as amusing as Jack's shopping list of gin, bleach, and sausages.

  • valentine's day poems for assholes - I highly recommend that you get one here.

  • vibrating ducks u k - it quacks. It vibrates. It keeps you entertained in the tub for hours.

Truly, I'm still giggling.

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