Monday 3 February 2003

flakes, films, and fousehunting

Okay, so it's supposed to say "househunting" but it doesn't start with an f. Work with me, people.

The weather caused absolute chaos on Thursday. The world came to an end because, I kid you not, we got about 5 inches of snow. People were stranded on major motorways, abandoned their cars, and trucks got stuck on hills blocking traffic for miles. I have to say, it was rather pretty the next day; snow covered the trees and icicles hung off of thatched roofs. Plus, I'm not going to complain about getting my very first snow day. Rock on.

Go see "Catch Me If You Can". It's really good fun, and Spielberg doesn't get all schlocky on us. Leo doesn't really pass for a 17 year old, but he does manage to portray his character rather well. Fabulous opening titles, too. Go see. Go.

So we're looking for a house (and still wanting to do a self build, which would be flippin fantastic) and have been to one viewing and driven around quite a few villages. One good thing about househunting is that it gives you a reason to womble around to little places you never would have visited before. We drove through a lovely village called Godmanchester, which is about 15 miles west of me, and we're viewing a house there on Wednesday. I also really like nosing around other people's houses, so this whole househunting thing is a source of entertainment as well. This also explains why I watch way too much of the UK Style channel. Hmm.

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