Monday 10 February 2003

i'll buy that for a dollar

So we went to see two houses yesterday, one we had specs for (floor plan, room descriptions, etc.) and one had just come on the market so I only had brief details from the estate agent. The first house was supposed to have a garden that wasn't overlooked and backed out to fields. How lovely, we thought. Yes, it would have been lovely if we could see over the 6 ft. wooden fence that surrounded the uphill triangular garden plot. I'm sure there were fields out there. Could have been fields full of elephants too, but we'd never know. The house itself wasn't too thrilling, so we left feeling a bit so-so about it.

House 2 was a bit of a mystery, and we weren't too sure what to expect. From the outside, we were both slightly horrified to see a mock Tudor style house with pink rendering. The upper half of the house was adorned with dark brown fake timber beams, with walls painted a colour that fell somewhere between bubblegum and raw pork. So you can imagine our surprise when we walked into the house to discover a warm, comfortable, nicely decorated family home (complete with an incredibly cute baby, but apparently he doesn't come with the house). The hallway was tiled with stone flooring that continued through to the kitchen and utility, with the added bonus of underfloor heating. The living room was a good size, nicely painted, with a lovely little black iron stove with a gas fire. French doors lead to the dining room that overlooks the back garden. There's a little loo by the stairs, which is something we wanted (you really can't have enough bathrooms, if you ask me). The kitchen has been recently refitted and has a gas hob (stovetop elements), a feature we both feel is an absolute must. The utility room is a nice bonus, so we have somewhere to stick the fridge/freezer and washing machine. The garden is quite big, complete with a summer house and several trees. The bedrooms (4 of them in total) aren't exactly huge, but we only really need 2 decent sized rooms at the moment for ourselves and guests. The smallest room could easily become a study, and the other small bedroom can fit a single bed or futon comfortably. We could probably add an extension over the garage at some point, to give us more space to play with. It's a nice house, and felt like it had been taken care of and appreciated. Some houses have a distinct "feel"; this one made us feel very welcome.

We're going back to see house 2 again on Wednesday, bringing a video camera along to help us remember everything. Although taking video of a stranger's house sounds like an odd concept, I think it's a great idea when you're househunting. Right after we left the house, we realised that we couldn't remember a lot of details or hadn't noticed certain things. This way, we'll have something to refer to afterwards.

On a completely unrelated note, a carload of young lads honked and waved at me today. So apparently, today's youth are turned on by women in their 30's carrying plastic bags from Morrison's grocery store. Ah, kids today.

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