Monday 17 February 2003

good thing i'm not that stroppy

Paul was not a happy man on Friday evening. As a surprise, he'd ordered a lovely bouquet of flowers for me that were supposed to arrive on Valentine's Day at our office. Interflora never showed up, and I never got my flowers. What made it worse was the fact that they were very unapologetic about it, and were even lame enough to say that they couldn't keep track of every order and that they were really busy that day. Why they were surprised by the fact that it was busy on Valentine's Day is beyond me. Apparently when your entire business is nothing but flower delivery, we shouldn't expect them to actually be responsible for delivering flowers in some sort of accurate manner. Who knew?

Needless to say, I had a really nice day and Paul made a fantastic meal for me (grilled chicken stuffed with herbs, cous cous, and steamed asparagus and baby corn in a gorgeous creamy sauce, and a yummy bottle of Chilean red wine). My advice for the coming months: don't use Interflora on Mother's Day.

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