Thursday 20 February 2003

wrap it up; i'll take it

We saw a house today that was fantastic. After seeing a parade of houses containing pokey rooms, cramped kitchens, and dodgy bathrooms, we've found something that's more what we had in mind. The decor really needs to be updated (I don't think it's been done in the 18 years the family has lived there), but that's nothing. We're paint and decorating experts now (or at least we're really good at taking the piss out of the designers on "Changing Rooms"). It was a proper four bedroom house; as in, it had four human being-sized bedrooms. The smallest room would make a nice study and currently had a single bed with a long computer table in it. The other three rooms were double bedrooms (which means they can fit double beds), and the master bedroom had a nice ensuite. I think what impressed me most was the downstairs level: the livingroom had an archway leading to the dining room (with French doors leading to the garden), and the kitchen was off to the side of the dining room. Nice and open, and hurrah, you could fit more than a toddler in the kitchen. Even the downstairs cloakroom (or "powder room" as us lovely North Americans would call it) was roomy. The garden had a nice little pond in the corner (containing live fish), and the garden itself is probably big enough to contain a conservatory if we wanted to add one on at a later point. The driveway fits two cars (trust me, we don't see a lot of this around here), and it's near the end of a cul du sac, so it's quiet. Oh yes, and as an added bonus, the house is in Godmanchester, which is where we both really want to live.

We've got another house to see tomorrow (in a village called Fenstanton), but I think we've got a winnah. Hopefully this seller won't suddenly decide that he wants to pull his house off the market. Oooo that would be vexing.

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