Thursday 27 February 2003

making an offer they better not refuse

We are putting in an offer on the house today. I mean, I would if the estate agent gets around to calling me. It's a long process before the house is yours, and then of course, you can always end up getting gazumped. I've never bought a house in North America, so I don't know if you are protected against stuff like this over there. Here, it's like the wild west. Scotland has a very good process in place, and the rest of the UK should hopefully follow in the next year or so. In the meantime, while viewed as immoral, gazumping is still not illegal.

From today's amusing house listings, here's an example of how not to decorate your living room:

Note the wallpaper: not one, but two different patterns divided by a dado rail. The ceiling is done in what's known as Artex; sort of like spackle gone mad. The combination of the wallpaper and swirly ceiling is enough to induce vomiting in your houseguests.

From today's amusing spam subject lines: "Lisa_macdonald, Are you snoring yourself to death?" Am I ever!

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