Friday 7 February 2003


You often seen houses advertised here with the term "no forward chain" or simply "no chain", and it puzzled me to no end. No chain? No chain link fencing allowed? Confused, I was. I learned that this is a term used to describe the process of waiting for people to bugger out of the house you want to move in to, while they wait for the people to bugger out of the house they want to move in to, and so on, and being caught in a "chain". Having known a few people who got trapped in one of these chains, I learned that this is a bad thing indeed. Think about it - you've got to move out of your house because you've sold it to someone else, but you can't move into your new house because the present owners are either still waiting to buy another house or they're waiting for their new house to become vacant, ad infinitum. So, Paul's selling his house now, without having to worry about being caught in a chain because he can move in with me. Since I'm renting, we can take our time finding a house and don't need to worry about having to be anywhere by a certain date. Hurrah!

Oh yes, and we now have not one, but two houses to view this weekend. This is a nosey person's idea of heaven, I'm telling you.

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