Friday 14 February 2003

it's vd all over the place

Happy Valentine's Day, all you lovlies! I know there are many of you feeling a bit bitter, perhaps even slightly agitated and grumpy today. Cheer up, because most people think Valentine's Day is a big pile of poo just like you do. Me, I like it and I don't care that it's an overcommercialised bit of Hallmark-induced pap. Any holiday that involves chocolate is okay by me. I got a box of goodies from my Mom, including Laura Secord chocolate and little candy and cinnamon hearts. The cinnamon hearts will go to Paul's Dad (who loves cinnamon), and the chocolate and candy hearts are in the kitchen being pecked at by my workmates. I got a lovely card from Paul this morning, and I am being treated to his cooking tonight for dinner. I didn't want big presents, bouquets of long stemmed roses, or anything like that - I just wanted to be able to wake up next to someone who means the world to me and be able to say "Will you be my Valentine?"

And I did. (He said yes.)

Stop making barfing noises, all of you.

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