Thursday 27 February 2003

used car salespeople, but for houses

So the property agent rings me back and waffles away at me about another couple who are interested in the house. The conversation went like this:

Agent: "Waffle waffle waffle waffle another couple are very interested waffle waffle but they have their house to sell, just like you waffle waffle waffle"

Me: "So. Um. Did they put in an offer?"

Agent: "No, but they are very interested. [more waffling] Your offer was okay with the vendor."

Me: [confused pause] "Our offer was accepted?"

Agent: "Yes."

For goodness sake. So yes, our offer has been accepted which doesn't really mean a lot. Paul has to sell his house, and in the meantime, someone else can come along and put in another offer on the house we want - like this mysterious couple who are "interested" (riiiiight). This agent also wanted to know which agent was selling his house and Paul's address so she could ring them herself and "check the progress of the sale". Um no, I don't think so. Smarmy little thing.

Anyway, so now we wait and see. So either expect a housewarming party invitation this summer, or expect more whinging on this site about our house hunting tales.

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