Monday 24 February 2003

hooray hooray it's jelly day

Off to see Lemon Jelly tonight, which should be good fun. It's a bit odd because it's not really music you can dance/mosh/bodysurf/jump up and down to, so I wonder if everyone will just sort of stand there and smile appreciatively. Actually, that's not entirely true - I can certainly see myself bouncing around to the Duck song. Yep, I'll be the one looking like a right dork going "fal de ra de ra do" whilst holding a rubber ducky.

We are paying a second visit to a house on Wednesday and so far, the buyer hasn't done anything vexing like decide not to sell his house. I think that I'm not really being realistic about this whole endeavor; I've already decorated the downstairs level of the house inside my head, and we've not even put in an offer yet. I also briefly considered what sort of food to get for the housewarming party and thought about plants I'd like to stick in the garden. This is definitely not good.

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