Tuesday 25 February 2003

all the ducks are swimming in the water

Lemon Jelly was absolutely fantastic. Chris said to me at the end of the show, "That was brilliant drunk. Was it good sober, too?" - yes, most definitely. There was much dancing, bouncing, duck waving, singing, and general merriment. Before the show, they played a whole wack of 80s music that only Chris and I appreciated. You know you're getting old when you can belt out the lyrics to Spandau Ballet's "Gold" whilst Cambridge youths give you quizzical looks. The show itself was such good fun, and a lot more energetic than I expected. I thought it would be two guys and bunch of mixing boards (which it was, to a point), but they did actually play instruments and sing a bit. As Jack put it, "He's f***ing playing the cello!" and it was indeed very cool. Heather, Helen, and I danced with rubber ducks, which attracted quite a bit of attention from envious onlookers. Jack had one floating in his pint before the show, and a woman asked if he got it with the drink. She was terribly disappointed to discover that Heather had brought the ducks especially for the event, as she had hoped that they were giving out free ducks to the crowd. Overall, there was a nice feel to the gig and a good time was had by all - drunk or sober.

I happened to catch a review of the show on Radio One as I was driving home. Needless to say, it was delivered by a whingy girl on the phone to John Peel who complained that Lemon Jelly provided "inoffensive dance music" that was "rather twee", and that the audience contained people wearing "sensible trousers" (i.e. old fogies like me). She started off by saying that it wasn't really her kind of music; I think she didn't give an objective review, which is a bit crap if you're supposed to be doing this for a living.

It's a beautiful day outside today. So what are we all doing stuck in here?

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