Wednesday 12 February 2003

ah, i think i'll stick to bottled water

The tap in our office kitchen is providing us with brown water today. Pete just filled up a glass and noticed this, however I'm feeling a bit worried at the moment because I've already used the tap twice to fill the kettle for my tea. Yum.

We were contacted by two different estate agents today about two different houses in my village that have just become available. One is an ex-rental (which may explain the price), and the other has a big garden with a newly refitted kitchen and bathroom. We knew that more houses would pop up on the market as we get closer to Spring, and they already seem to be trickling in. Still vexed about that last house, though. Horribly vexed.

And finally, I have recently discovered that my Mom reads this page. Please, no swearing and take off your muddy shoes for goodness sake. Hi Mom!

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