Monday 25 February 2002

vive le canada

Everyone was talking to me about the big game, and I just sort of nodded and smiled because I completely missed it. I didn't even know it was on. I've missed most of the Olympics this time around, mostly because things were on at insane times of the day here but partially because I just totally forgot to turn on the TV. I was following it in the newspapers and online, and enjoyed the ribbing I got when the Brits beat us in curling (they're all on steroids, I'm sure), but now I truly feel like I missed out by not watching the hockey game. I'm reading all about it on other people's sites and how exciting the atmosphere was, and how proud to be Canadian they were. It's like last year when Jack and Heather (two Kiwis, no less) went into London to celebrate Canada Day and came back with stories of Sleeman's and polite but extremely drunk Canadians - I knew I had missed out. This year, I'm going to London and I'm wearing those Canadian rub-on tatoos, tabarnacle.

So, what was my little celebration for the gold medal game? I wore my "I am Canadian" shirt to the gym today. Hee.

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