Thursday 7 February 2002


Since we've been bought by a big wanky American company, we have to do big wanky American things like fill out lists of goals. We're talking lists that require pages of points to outline all your goals, how you intend on accomplishing these goals, what you need to acheive them, and a whole lot of other nonsense. If I could be realistic, my list would look like this:

-write stuff.

-don't fuck up.

-get paid more.

Here's what Chris sent around today (and the point headings are actually what we're supposed to fill out):

Goal statement: To eat, drink and be merry

Measures: 1. Increase waistline by 2 inches.

2. Be visibly giggly

Expectation: A good time to be had by all.

Support: Chefs at Anatolia's required.

Rest of doc team must be present.

Plan: 1. Order copious amounts of food and drink.

2. Consume.

Goal accepted!

We discussed what kind of goals we could put down, and I decided that this year, I'd like to start my own religion. Coooool.

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