Sunday 24 February 2002

lazy days and sundays

Our lunch at the Lazy Otter was good fun and the food was pretty decent. It's a bit strange, though - I find that my friends don't really eat and lounge around. You know how sometimes you can go out for a meal and spend ages talking over tea, coffee, a few more pints, etc.? I rarely experience that here. Granted, we did spend about 2 hours at this pub, but I always find myself surprised when people start jumping up and putting their coats on because it just doesn't feel like the party's over to me. It's kind of like our nights out as well; you can be pretty sure that everyone will clear out of your house at 11pm if you have friends over, or people will head home after last call at 11 instead of trying to find somewhere else to go/wander back to someone's house. I must still be on Montreal time and am used to the 3am last call.

I cannot stop thinking about that cottage. We talked about it at lunch (as Chris lives in the neighbouring village) and I'm just dying to see it in person. I hope it's not been rented already, though.

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